Willmar Brochures

Brochures are a highly effective way to get a lot of information into the hands of your potential clients, business partners, and customers.

While you do not want to be overwhelming with information, you do want to get as much across to them in a smooth manner.

A simple trifold brochure, for instance, has six potential spaces to express you and your statements actually. However, if all of these spaces are filled with small print and black ink no one will read nor retain the information you need them to know.

Our team here in Willmar is highly trained in using all the space given to influence your audience to be receptive of your information and retain it. Not only will the wordage used on your document be easy to remember but the images placed on the pages will be used to get your point across effectively.

A few ideas of when a brochure would be best used are as follows:

• New policies at your company
• Fundraising
• Volunteering opportunities
• Small group meeting

• Job fairs
• Health information
• New employee recruiting
• And much more!

If you have a situation where you need to get a lot of information out to people without having to tell each person the crucial parts one by one, a brochure might be what you are looking for!

Brochures are a fun product to work with because we can have a larger canvas to work with. With more space to express your information on it opens a whole new box of fun for us. We can play around with more than one font at a time, more color, and more images. The options are endless!

Contact us today to find out our pricing on our wide range of brochure options. There are options as far as color of paper, color of ink, size of paper, different ways the brochure is folded. It is customized to you and your needs.

It is our goal to make your brochure so useful that you need more and more to continue reaching the masses. Maybe even different purpose brochures. Which would then open that box of creativity freedom for our team?

Our highly trained team has studied marketing and design and continues to maintain their knowledge of such things so that our products stay current with whatever the fads of the time may be.

Imagine being able to spread the word about your industry or cause to tons of people and know that once it is in their hands (and they choose to read it), all the information you want to express has been heard. No more worries of whether or not they understood the pun on your business card, or if they realize you have an actual location and are not just an online based business. Or if you are a group of people meeting at different places you can rest assured that they have the schedule you had us print in your brochure. A lot of information to the masses, it can’t get any better than that!