Willmar Business Cards

When you are out and about conducting face to face meetings with people, you need to have something tangible to put in their hands for them to take with them. Here at Kandi Printing we take pride in printing your company’s business card.

With the oldest marketing device at the tips of your fingers, you will be able to reach any audience you want to simply by take a step forward, introducing yourself and handing them a card.

Whether you like the clean cut look of a solid color card and simple easy to read font or if you prefer multi-colored paper with images and eccentric fonts, we can work with you to create the perfect business card. It is important to express as much of yourself and your business as you can in this small piece of paper. Who are you, where are you from, what do you do, how do they get in contact with you. These are all necessary things, but with our skilled design team here in Willmar you will be able to have a quality business tool that will give all that information plus a glimpse into who you are and why they should choose you for the job!

Contact us today to discuss what your business card should look like and let us tell you some of our brilliant ideas.

“Why shouldn’t I order from those big box companies online that will send you oodles of business cards?”

Good question.
Here are a few good answers! Have you studied the art of visual marketing? Do you have the time to spend sitting at your computer combining all of their pre-designed features onto a card that may or may not work for you? Are you ready to pay for oodles of cards based off of your proofing?

Our team works together; we are always making suggestions and helping each other out with sizing and lettering and spelling! Plus, when you cooperate with us, we guarantee you will be happy with your final product because we will not print off your oodles of cards until you have seen the real life proof, not just a screen image. Our personal touch in everything we do to make sure your personality and business shine through to your potential business partners or clients.

Just because our work is a locally owned business, does not mean our prices are through the roof. We understand when you are starting a new business venture every penny counts! We still firmly believe that you should have a quality product to represent you and your business. We work with all budgets and will never sell you a less than perfect business card.

Everything counts on this small canvas. Displaying yourself to the world. The quality of paper, thickness, texture while you won’t be buying the super high-end stuff starting out, we promise you will be buying quality paper and ink. Your success matters to us!