Willmar Cookbooks

We can print and bind cookbooks. Yes, you heard it right -cookbooks. Imagine getting a group of your friends together or a group of people that need to raise funds for the group. Everyone comes together with two or three of their best recipes. Someone organizes them together and sends them to us. From there we will get it into the cookbook layout of your choice with whatever images you and your group choose.

Think of how much fun you and your friends could have creating a cookbook. Here are some fun ideas of things you could put in to personalize it:

  • Group pictures
  • Funny quotes
  • Personal biographies
  • History of the group

You can do a fundraiser of cookbooks. You can do a generic Christmas gift for everyone in the family of your ancestor’s recipes. This is the perfect gift for the person who has everything. Even if you just want to print a handful, we can print any size order from five to five hundred (or more).

Below is a starting list of the things you can choose to create your personalized cookbook:

  • Binding style
  • Cover and backing material
  • Page density
  • Page colors
  • Different colors for different sections
  • Ink types
  • Fonts
  • Size of cookbook
  • Dividers
  • Color or black and white
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Anything you can cook up!

Being a privately owned business, in the northern part of the states, preservation of our history is paramount.  We believe in preserving as much of history as we can through the art of the printing press. The recipes you would be providing might be generations old and this cookbook you are contributing to might be the next stepping stone to keep that slice of history alive and well for generations to come.

Once something is printed multiple times it has a stronger survival rate. Or rather, the chances of people seeing it in the future are better. If we lost all power tomorrow most wouldn’t know what to do with them. However, those that know the importance of books and print will be able to navigate a little bit better.

If you love to cook and create your dishes, why not do a collaboration in a cookbook so your loved ones will be able to follow in your cooking footsteps, no matter how close or far away they are to you.

How about for a kindergarten class project? Have the kids tell an adult the directions to make their favorite dishes. Although they are going to be wildly incorrect, it would prove to be a very profitable fundraiser or a terrific end of the year gift for each family. A kids cookbook is a great item to save and review at high school graduation. Not to mention the fun it would be for everyone involved making such a fun book, us included!

We are excited to hear your ideas and visions for your next cookbook project. Make plans to stop by soon so we can chat about all your great plans!