Willmar Direct Mail Advertising

Businesses today have a lot to handle. We know because we are one of those businesses! Did you know that part of our services is to work with you to create a signature mail look for your business? Imagine having a company letterhead, matching envelopes, a particular layout or style to the mass mail your company sends out. Now think of the person you would have to pay wages to, or the massive amount of time you would spend yourself printing, folding, stuffing envelopes, stamping and then mailing of just one letter that needs to go out to all of your customers.

We can take the stress away! You can get the actual paper products straight from us. The extent of work you need to do to get your information out to your customers provides us with the real text required to be in the document and your list of addresses. We will get everything put together for you and send out your mass mailings right on schedule.

Speaking of plans, you can set up reoccurring mass mailings. Where all you would need to do is keep us updated with your address book, and send us the next installments of what you need to be printed. So easy it is almost unbelievable.

Think of all the things you will be saving when you hire us to do this service for your business.

  • Money
  • Hiring staff to do this work will not be necessary
  • Buying your product and transporting it to your space
  • Your time
  • Your supplies. You will not have to buy massive amounts of paper products and try to make them all match well enough to look professional, and we have you covered!
  • The stress of if things are getting done the right way and out the door at the right time
  • So much more!

We are sure you can see the benefits of outsourcing the work to us. We here in Wilmar look forward to working with you to set up the perfect look for your mass mailings.

Our team can help you with every aspect of your mailers. Whether it be professional letterheads custom to your company, matching imprints on your letters and envelopes, or just perfectly matched paper products that do not have to be stored long term in your office space so that you can get the best price on the product. What if six months from now you want to adjust something with your business logo, or letterhead? If you purchased all your paper products at once with a discount on buying huge volumes of paper you are stuck with that one tiny thing, you would like to change until your paper supply runs out.

With us, all you have to do is make an appointment to work with us on readjusting the things you want to change. We will do another mock-up, get it to you for your approval and the next round of your mass mailers will be adjusted and looking better than ever!

Call us today to set up an appointment to get you mailing service with us started.