Willmar Envelopes

We’re not talking your Grandma’s stationery here.  Though we certainly can help with that, we take business stationery very seriously, and that includes the envelope.  While it may seem like a minor detail, just like letterhead and logos, the envelope says a lot about your business and the condition it’s it.

If you need envelopes for billing, thank you notes, registration paperwork for clients, or simply an envelope for newsletters, Kandi Printing is Willmar’s top printing company.  But why, you ask, are envelopes so necessary?

The simple answer is marketing.  For your mail campaigns, having the proper envelope with your logo or letterhead will be the deciding factor on whether someone will even open your mail or not.  If you, from the start, don’t look prepared or professional, the client will not even give it another look.  Since the envelope is the first thing your potential customers see, it needs to grab them right away and cause them to want to know more.

Another reason it’s important to have Kandi Printing do your business envelopes is that we can make sure your design and presentation are consistent and professional. If your clients need return envelopes with your address already printed, or if you only want to stand out in the mailbox, Kandi Printing is here for you.

We always say that the two most important jobs the envelope has are:

  1. To securely send information to individuals and
  2. To get opened.

While sending the envelope isn’t the most daunting task, getting someone to open it is.  That’s why we have many clients use our printing shop to design and print their business envelopes- they want the envelopes being opened and we do too!

So call us today, or stop in our local to Willmar print shop- we can’t wait to serve you.