Willmar Invitations

In this day of age, it seems that beautiful paper invitations are a long forgotten part of history. Let us assure you; they are not a piece of history quite yet! We specialize in working side by side with you to draft and create the perfect invitation for your event.

A few ideas of activities that an invitation is perfect for below:

  1. Grand opening
  2. Open house
  3. Holiday Gatherings
  4. Family reunions
  1. Graduations
  2. Birthday Parties
  3. And lots more!

Anytime you want to gather people together, an invitation is needed. Even though people are sent electronic invitations via social media, we can attest that paper invitations are making a comeback.

If you are serious about getting the attention of a group of people sends them a traditional invitation custom designed for your event.

Take some time to come into our location and talk with us about your event and what it is you want to express in your invitation. Our team is always ready to jump into a new project!

Not able to come into Wilmar to see us face to face? Send us an email or better yet CALL US. It is always nice to hear the voice behind the idea. To listen to the spark and excitement, or emotional tie to the event helps us to create your invitation just the way it ought to be. You will not find generic birthday balloons spelling “your invited” here folks.

Why should your graduation invitations look just like the rest of your graduating classes? You are not just like everyone else. This moment will only come once in your life so all those loved ones you are inviting should be getting an invitation that expresses who you are and the journey you have been on to get to this point, and a slight glimpse into the journey are about to embark on. We can help you achieve this perfect graduation invitation!

What about that new business you have been building for years in your mind and now it has finally all come together outside of your mind. Do you think an electronic invitation is going to express just how excited you are about this, or how much of yourself has poured into this new venture? Surely not! Come on into the shop and tell us all about it, we will be able to work with you to market your new business and get all the right people to your grand opening to make the start of your new venture a great one!

If you want people to know you care if they are at your event, a tangible invitation is the only way to go! Call us today to find out how full of range of pricing we have. If you need it done well, we can get it done within your reasonable budget!