Willmar Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to get all the relevant information you have to spread around out to everyone all at once. They can be fun too!

With our professional print quality, you can work with us to make a layout of all the areas you need to cover each week, month, or quarter in your newsletter. We will customize the newsletter to fit you and your business or cause that you are sending out information about. Some things for you to start thinking about for your newsletter layout are listed below:

• A calendar
• Birthdays
• Important dates
• Hours of operation
• Highlight a person of importance

• Information from corporate
• Upcoming deadlines
• Meetings
• Training information
• A puzzle or crossword

Utilizing a newsletter is an exciting way to grab people’s attention in a fun way and get your information out effectively. With the newsletter format, the people you are reaching will know there will be more information in the future and be able to look forward to the next addition to your newsletter!

Our team here in Willmar is proficient in keeping things fun and fresh. We have extensive training on the latest fads and fun things going on in the ‘paper’ world. We will be able to show you all your options and work with you to make sure your new newsletter is a huge hit among those you are passing it out to.

If you are looking to mail these out, we have great layouts that can be sent without envelopes to cut down the cost of products you need to purchase. However, if you like the idea of your professional newsletter being inside a professional envelope we have an array of envelopes too! Check out our envelope tab to learn more!

We trust that you are committed to the information you are trying to get out and you know the value of getting the words into people’s hands, not just their computer screens. We want to help you achieve that by working with you and your budget to get the word out in an outstanding looking paper product.

Why don’t you stop into our shop, sit down and tell us all about your newsletter needs and we can get started on the layout and how often you want to get the information out there. Maybe you need a logo to along with your newsletter, never fear, we have a great logo design team in house! We will make sure all your needs are met.

After we have your layout and time frame set up all you will need to do send us the information you want for each instalment of your newsletter, we will plug it all in, proof it, send you a proof, then get it printed out and ready for you to pick up, or sent out to you!

We love what we do and know you will see that love in each product we make for our customers!