Willmar Raffle Tickets

Whether your neighborhood school is having a fair or there is a big fundraiser for the boy scouts- or you simply have fun games planned for the family reunion- custom raffle tickets are a wonderful way to manage everything!

Raffle tickets can be used as an entry to a carnival, evidence that you won some prize, used for bingo nights, or even silent auctions.  No matter what your raffle ticket needs are, Kandi Printing would love to be able to help.  Don’t worry- if you’re stuck on how to use them exactly, but know they are what you need- our design team has all the experience and will walk you through the process.  We do the thinking and work for you, so you can focus on more important things to get your event planned and executed flawlessly!

The great thing about raffle tickets is the ease, and simplicity.  Especially when you’ve got a big crowd, and it’s loud.  Party goers can just take their part of the raffle ticket and bring it in to see if they won anything- which means they don’t have to be there waiting for their name to get called!  We’ve found that a lot of families with younger children love this option, so they can get the kids to bed and not miss out if they won a fun prize!

Come by the printing shop today, and we’ll help you pick out a great system, color scheme, and get the ball rolling!