Willmar Reports

Do you have a lot more information to pass on then what will fit not inside a brochure? Perhaps you are doing a presentation at work, or meeting before a board to pitch an idea for a project you feel passionate about?

Kandi Printing can help you look professional and organized without you having to shuffle a single paper around. Imagine having your whole report ready to go on your computer, sending the file to us and having us print it to your specifications, and bind it to your liking while you go about your everyday. Nice right? It is kind of what we do!

Here in Willmar, MN, we like to take care of our people. Even if you do not live here, but are doing business with us here, you are us. The idea of you printing out 25 reports, that have been on your jump drive for weeks the night before a presentation and forgetting to hit the collate button before you hit print, and then one of your colors of ink runs out so things towards the back start to look a little green, just makes our hearts break.

We have state of the art printing equipment and an ample amount of hands to make sure each report is put together flawlessly, so you look like the rock star we all know you are when you walk into that room and pass out your highly impressive-looking reports. We are aware you know what you are talking about, let us do what we know best and help you with your reports.

When we cross into talking about report making it opens up, even more, windows and doors as to what you can specify to custom make your item a reflection of you and the purpose of the documents.

You can have it spiral bound, put into plastic protectors, or many of the other fun ways to bind off your product. You simply just have to come into the shop and explore all the options yourself!

What about the paper? Do not even get us started on the paper?! If you couldn’t guess, we love paper around here! We have so many paper options that you’ll feel like a kid in a candy shop (ok, maybe that’s just us). No matter your report needs, we have what it takes to get the job done.

You work up your reports and show them all you know what you are talking about and let us make you shine with putting those reports together for you. Save yourself the time, energy and ink! Never fear, we’ve got this under control!