Willmar Signs, Posters, and Banner Printing


Do you want your business on signs throughout Willmar? Do you want people out and about in their cars? Or perhaps you even want your business on the side of buses and taxis? No matter what the purpose, getting your companies name out there on any signs will help bring in more customers.

Don’t forget! There are a lot more uses for signs then we initially think of- your office might need more signs around the building to help people navigate. Whatever you sign needs are, Kandi Printing can get the job for you.


If you don’t have a business, but need signed to promote your church garage sale or a band you’re in, or maybe you’re an aspiring artist and want your work on posters- our printing shop is the place for you. Poster printing these days has become widely popular- whether the look is rustic, or there’s a cute saying in gold handwriting- our poster printing is what you need.

Our design team is up on the latest trends for posters, ad materials in posters, and how to grab people’s attention.

Banner Printing

Is your loved one returning home from war? Maybe you’re advertising at the local baseball games, or perhaps you need to make a bold banner that promotes the sale you have going on. Here at Kandi printing, we can do all banner printing, all sizes, for any purpose. And you guessed it- our design team is here to help should you not know where to start! Come in or call us today!